Thursday, May 30, 2013

Windows 3.1 in the garden shed

And lo, the winds came and the sun shone and the swamp began to dry up, and as these things came to pass, so did the long-awaited garden shed begin to rise from the mud.  I'm trying to build it with leftover materials around the place, though some 2x4s and other things had to be purchased from the local Southern States folks.  The siding is a faux log profile, milled for our 2007 log home's second-story dormers, left over from construction that year.  The log house burned but not the extra dormer siding, and there was enough to cover the 12x8-foot shed with a 4-foot porch.

The windows came out of a century-old farmhouse a couple hundred feet to the north. The old house is in the process of returning to the earth, but in it I found two half windows, reglazed the panes and painted them with a coat of primer.

 I have also rebuilt two five-panel doors from the house.  Thought they were identical when I pulled them out, but later realized they were different sizes.  Still, with a little trimming and a lot of green paint, they look more or less the same from 50 feet, if you squint real hard and close one eye.

Then there's the roof.  I had planned to use some leftover asphalt shingles on the roof, then thought about using some recycled sheet metal that might come off our house to repair some hail damage from last year. A friend offered a pile of sheet metal from his own roof-replacement project, so there are options galore, just no time to put any of them to work.  After all, this project started with the need for a better field fence, and so far all I've gotten done on that job is auguring the holes and planting the posts in more mud slurry than firm dirt.

But at least the windows are in.  Next big decision: how to mount the doors.  Stay turned.


  1. It looks great! My wife has been trying to get me to build her a potting shed at the back corner of our lot, where an old pump house is about to fall in. I've sketched out a rough plan, but I'm way behind your progress.

  2. I really enjoy your open potting station layout. Do you normally have strong winds in your area? Here in Oklahoma, we need to have a completely enclosed Garden Shed space, but yours looks great!

  3. Super cool... it is interesting to see the window in garden shed. I stay with you till the next update.

  4. You and your partner have really done some splendid job in utilizing the space around your house and constructing a Garden Shed. I always use mine for storing garden tools and manure bags, and can vouch for its usefulness.