Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fogsoon season

Well, it was winter the last few days -- never got out of the mid-30s on our ridge Monday -- and it was fogsoon season as well.  You know fogsoon, don't you?  Wet, raining from all directions ("It even rained upside down," as Forrest Gump once observed), and soaked everything even when it wasn't raining.  Then if neither the sun nor the wind comes out, nothing dries out.  "You cain't do nothing", to paraphrase the late James G. "Squirrel" Garrison.

Today, however, the stars and a sliver of moon were out brightly when I crawled out of the sack at 5 a.m. to grind out my quotidian of 1,000 words. Now the sun is out and bearing down and the wind is howling at 15-20 knots.  There are whitecaps out on the hayfield, and there's a small craft warning for garden tractors and wheelbarrows.  Might be best to stay in the slip, and turn to the traditional make and mend work before splicing the mainbrace sometime in late afternoon. 

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