Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update: Early riders on the Tour de Chuck

Update: Our correspondent in the saddle Diane Flynt reports in Monday:

The 3rd annual Chuck Flynt Birthday Ride was just about perfect—a cool early fall day, plenty of sun and low humidity. The Quesenberry sisters drove the SAG truck full of energy bars, fruit, trail mix and fluids of various colors. A record 11 Big Dog riders rode the full 72 miles, include Kyra Bishop, the first woman to rock the Big Dogs. Another six riders traveled the southern 40 mile leg, and some even beyond. We promise to furnish maps next year.

Riders rode a total of 1005 miles, and the Flynts donated $1005 to the Floyd County Library. Next year we hope for more riders, more miles and more good times. Remember, younger by the mile!

Every year, Chuck Flynt and friends take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway to celebrate his birthday and raise a little money for the library in Floyd.  Chuck donates a buck for every mile ridden, and the Big Dogs -- who left Mabry Mill at 7:30 a.m. this morning -- were planning on 72-mile rides.

 There are 36-mile stints for those not as young as Chuck -- see, he's 72, so each year the deal for the Big Dogs is to ride a mile for every year -- and on down to a mere 10 miles.

More to follow as news reports come in, but here's how the Big Dog crowd looked early:

Chuck Flynt, happy to be up early

Dan Sweeney, just plain happy
Buz Waitzkin, tee shirtier and legal counsel

Yellow was quite popular

Fall colors were out

Around Milepost 174
Diane Flynt in the lede, breaking the sound barrier near Round Meadow
Jack Russell, after 36 miles
South of Meadows of Dan
Coming through

The Big Curve near the winery


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